I’ve been obsessed with dark textures lately, especially marble I’ve been obsessed with dark textures lately, especially marble and felt it would feel perfectly my September playlist (just in time before October hits). A little mix of new songs I can’t stop listening and old classics. Enjoy. Dernièrement je suis obsédée par les textures sombres,Continue reading

carolina reyes la costura haircut

When you talk to her, she’s just the sweetest person I know and I dare you not to fall upon her charm. They are many ways to impose your style identity and hair cut is one of them. Either it’s a very classic one, crazy color or a strong different one like Carolina’s. It seemsContinue reading

That’s the perks of not going to Fashion Week I guess, you can pull off an imaginary scenery with only just glamour and sparkles. Even if you know it’s not quiet like that, Let’s just dream. THE SHOWS With approximately 10 shows per day, Milan Fashion Week seems to be like running a marathon. ButContinue reading

astrid baray chanel icase black la costura quito style

I’m seriously thinking about starting a collection but then I just imagine myself every morning trying to match my Iphone case to my outfit Details maters. Simply with some well chosen accessories you can totally change an outfit. When I’m craving shopping for bad reasons (yes they exist, but this is a different story) IContinue reading


I couldn’t help but to imagine them in an editorial… This weekend has been busy, exciting and awesome. On saturday morning I went to see the work of the students of La Costura here in Quito. I had a really good time and some of the pieces were really great and I couldn’t help but toContinue reading


It’s such a great feeling when your work starts to please to people. We’ve never talk about men’s wear here but why not? Hugo asked me to take some pictures of him a few weeks ago and I was so excited and nervous. It’s such a great feeling when your work starts to please toContinue reading

London Fashion Week is always full of surprises and is the perfect mix between growing labels, small designers and established luxury brands. I had fun watching the shows and the streetstyle was great. THE SHOWS First of all I couldn’t help but notice the difference with NYFW. More colors and floral prints, London was moreContinue reading

BO EM lookbook quito carolina reyes

I’m really excited about today’s post. I had the chance to shoot Denisse Cabrera x BO EM new collection a few weeks ago and I’m now able to share it with you. I was nervous because it was my first time shooting for a brand but I had so much fun. Carolina is an amazingContinue reading

daniela lo inquieto

I had so much fun shooting Daniela, she lives a few blocks from me and we just played around the neighborhood snapping simple and daily outfits. The looks are easy, fresh and perfect for any relaxed occasion with great accessories which pop it up. And can we talk about that hair? I’ve been wanting toContinue reading

I’ve been trying to figure out how to talk about Fashion Week here in an interesting way and I tough it would be a great idea to simply share with you a resume of what I’ve seen and liked. So grab a cup of tea and let’s dream a little bit. I personally always startContinue reading

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De izquierda a derecha: From left to right: Belén Sarzosa http://donapapayas.wordpress.com/ Paulina Maldonado http://treschicbypaulina.blogspot.com/ Laureen Gazio http://www.studiokhalo.com/ Andrea Coello http://zus90ytres.com/ Paola Argoti http://zus90ytres.com/ Estefania Cardona http://lifestylekiki.com/ Cristina Carrizosa http://www.styletw.com/  Isabel Perez http://isabelperezmip.wix.com/the-style-republic-e   En menos de un año los blogs de moda en Quito se han hecho sentir. No importa si es en redes sociales, desfiles, eventos o simplemente para capturar un momentoContinue reading


While I’m still playing on my rooftop trying to get at least one acceptable picture of my outfit New York Fashion Week makes my computer crazy with all the sites and pictures I keep on my computer, trying not to miss anything. But let’s wait a few more days for that and focus our attentionContinue reading