A little bit late but the show were so incredible that it took me too much time to choose what to talk about. So I figured it would be better to talk about my absolute favorite collections. THE SHOWS Chloé Chloé Chloé…. My love for this brand is nothing new and this collection doesn’t failed toContinue reading

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Everything I’m obsessed right now after seeing so much structure and volume during this fashion week month.Lately I’ve been training myself on composition pics. While planning and drawing my next stop motion I tough I should start to take more pictures like this. It’s great to practice composition and lightening. But let’s move to thoseContinue reading

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Mountains have that mysterious vibe. I wanted to do something dark and strong but the pics didn’t came out as expected. It was incredibly windy and cold but I had fun. Those two pics are ok so I tough it would be nice to share them with you. Sometimes you imagine things in your headContinue reading