When you live in Quito and you love fashion they’re some inconveniences and benefits. Here, the fashion industry is groing fast right now and there is a lot of opportunities for those who have ideas and dare to take risks. Diana combined both and opened the firts high vintage store in the city. I couldn’tContinue reading


Fotos by Lary The past days have been crazy. Working on a few projects and running everywhere and when it’s like this I like to dress up a little bit but when I feel tired and don’t have anything special during the day I love a good pair ofboyfriend jeans and comfy flats. The silkContinue reading

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I wanted to share this project for a long time now and I’m finally able to do it. After talking with Gabriela about the possibility of a shooting I looked for inspiration and I immediatly wanted to work with a ballerina. I love how the colors of the dresses come to life through Marie Claire’sContinue reading

J’espère que ma playlist de novembre vous plaira. J’avais l’habitude de poster des images d’inspiration avec mais comme je l’ai dit, j’ai envie de changer et d’essayer de nouvelles choses. Du coup j’ai pris quelques photos et j’espère continuer comme ça avec différentes personnes. So here it is, my November playlist. I used to illustratedContinue reading

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La première fois que j’ai vu Gabriela, c’était lors du défilé de La Costura. J’ai eu la chance d’être en backstage et donc de pouvoir jeter un œil aux différentes collections qui allaient défiler. La sienne a tout de suite attiré mon attention. Depuis que j’ai ouvert Studio Khalo, je deviens folle dès que jeContinue reading

It’s like an open window to their mind. A way to get threw their aspirations. Ceux et celles qui ont pu jeter un œil à mon ordinateur savent que je suis une grande malade une collectionneuse d’images. De mode, de voyages, architecture, objets… J’aime tout tant que ça m’évoque quelque chose ou provoque un sentiment.Continue reading


Fall/winter is always a dilemma between cool, fancy layering and lazy comfy outfits. During the weekend if I have something scheduled with my friends I will be the happiest girl layering shirts, jacket and knits, adding many rings, maybe a hat or a scarf and of course, killer shoes. But during the week, if IContinue reading

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After weeks without any content here I’m back and can’t wait to share with you some of the projects I’ve been working on lately. This “holiday month” wasn’t planned at all but it felt necessary. This blog is about experimenting, discovering, sharing and growing but must of all it’s about enjoying. And I wasn’t enjoying itContinue reading