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Winter game is all those little things and habits we all got to get threw that period of the year. I wasn’t sure if to publish this stop motion or not. Since I’m back in France I don’t have lights anymore and the winter one isn’t ideal. And because of that, I couldn’t finish itContinue reading

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Freedom should be the first thing in our mind when we open our closet in the morning Le je ne sais quoi. We all want it, even if we don’t really know what it is. I don’t either but what I’m sure is that Mae has it. She has that unique style that can’t beContinue reading


Every girl should have a black leather jacket in her closet I know it’s freezing in most places but I totally forgot those pics and since I’ve been obsessed looking for the perfect one lately it seems a good time to post them. I think every girl should have a black leather jacket in herContinue reading

daniela lo inquieto

The best advice my mom told me is to always make the thing you love the most about you stand out.My name is Daniela Rizzo but they call me Lo Inquieto. My mom is my biggest inspiration when it come to beauty tips. She’s the one who taught me that a good makeup looks likeContinue reading

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Between city guides, blogs, travel websites and even instagram’s hashtag (don’t smile guys, I actually found one of the Breakfast places like this) trying to prepare my 4 days in London; I finally decided to take the whole thing a bit more relaxed. My last stay there was 10 years ago, and the only thongContinue reading


We are young, wild, full of ideas and talent. See the world through our souls and hopes. You’ll find our stardust. An illusion, but the meaning is as real and strong as we are. Amazing people is without a doubt the best thing that came out the creation of STUDIO Khalo. With Belén and DaniContinue reading

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Having a job means so many things, from earning your own money and paying all your rent by yourself (yep being a students has a lot of perks, I loved it). But it also means that, if you are in contact with clients and they’re not all working in a creative area, you have toContinue reading


First French girl on the blog! Can’t believe it! Maud is one of my best and oldest friend, we’ve lived many crazy things together and besides the distance remained as close as ever if not more. I really love her style. Kind of classic but always with a personal chic touch, the earrings are herContinue reading

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Packing is something quite exciting. Not because of the dilemma of what to bring and what to leave behind but because of the excitement produced by the idea of changing routine, discovering new cool places. Maybe that’s why I always make an absolute mess while packing. But threw the years I learned that packing basicsContinue reading


Basic grey/white combo but great textures and killer heels on the way. It seems that I always struggle between styles, I don’t like to feel overdressed but too much basic isn’t for me either. I don’t know if it’s my teen years in France where going out was synonyme of « you have to look goodContinue reading

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Sales, weeks of indulgent prices which promess you a better looking you with the perfect closet. Dream. Un coup de vent et on se retrouve le 5 janvier. 2015 démarre aussi vite que 2014 s’est terminé et j’atterris tout juste. Après les résolutions du nouvelles ans qui font de nous une toute nouvelle personne arriventContinue reading

Well, 2015 is surely gonna be the year of changes for me. A new year is always kind of a great moment to try to start new so I figured some inspirations pics will be a good idea. 2015 sera sans aucun doutes l’année des changements pour moi. Une nouvelle année est sans doute laContinue reading